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AmeriCorps VISTA Project in Erie, PA

Information for Host Sites


Is your nonprofit organization, school, or government agency addressing poverty in Northwestern Pennsylvania? Do you engage residents of the low-income community in creating sustainable solutions?  Read below to see if hosting a VISTA is right for you.

Host Site Responsibilities

Our project wants every member to have a rewarding experience when they serve. Therefore, organizations must adhere to our project guidelines and policies as stated below. 


Host sites must contribute $4,500* to support project administration and member development. They also must provide Lake Effect Leaders with in-kind support valued at at least $1,000. 

*Contribution amount is subject to change year-to-year. For more information, contact the Project Director. 

Supervision Support

Providing VISTAs with weekly supervision and support almost always ensures a successful service year. This means site supervisors must:

  • Ensure that VISTA members are working on appropriate assignments that build capacity within the organization, as outlined in the member's VISTA Assignment Description.
  • Support VISTAs participation in project activities such as trainings, national service days, and professional development opportunities. 
  • Communicate with Project Director if concerns arise during the term of service. 

Resource Support

Host sites must provide VISTA members with resources to perform their tasks, i.e. adequate work-space, computer, telephone, consumable supplies, etc. VISTAs must also be reimbursed for on-the-job transportation expenses. 

Agreement with Allegheny College/Lake Effect Leaders

Host sites must sign a Memorandum of Agreement with Allegheny College and the Lake Effect Leaders AmeriCorps VISTA Project before receiving a service member.

Host sites must also offer a VISTA position with your organization regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, or disability. 

Host Site FAQs

How can VISTAs help my organization?

VISTAs focus their efforts on building the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity of organizations. They develop programs to meet a need, write grants, and recruit and train volunteers. Your organization defines the project in which the VISTA would work while at your site.

What type of organization should apply to host a VISTA?

Local public, private, or faith-based nonprofit organizations, schools, and local, state, or federal agencies.

How much does it cost to have a VISTA?

The monetary contribution to the project is $4,500. Host sites are also required to reimburse VISTAs for work-related travel and provide office space and supplies needed to complete their duties.

Is a VISTA just another staff member for my organization?

No. Each VISTA has a specific project assigned to them and must work towards completing those objectives.

How do I apply to become a host site?

Your organization must prepare a concept application describing the project your VISTA would work on. Please contact Gabby Bradshaw <gbradshaw@allegheny.edu> for a template and instructions.

Can my organization receive help preparing the concept application?

Yes, by contacting Gabby at gbradshaw@allegheny.edu